Tiki Bar and Lounge Signs. Hand made and painted.


Cool stuff hand made by Tiki King.

These items and more will be available at Tiki Oasis 2019!

Come say hello!


Tiki Pendants, hand cast and painted, bracelets and earrings. Paingings and signs. Lots more neat stuff!


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Tiki King's Art Piece for the Art Show!

Only $325. It will sell FAST!

War Canoe Sculpture. Mixed Media. Hand Made. $125.00

Tiki King has been making and selling Tiki's since 1992. He started having home Luaus at his Tiki Bar in 1994. Party goes at these luaus including Martin Cate and Tiki Oasis Founders Otto and Baby Doe. He has been participating in Tiki Oasis for 13 years. Since then he has made the trophies for Tiki Oasis winners!


Please come say HELLO at the booth.

Framed 5x7 hand painted Tiki & related paintings. Ready to Hang. by Tiki King. $45.00

Mary Blair Small World Inspired Purses. Hand Made! Only 3 will be available at Tiki Oasis. Be sure to come get yours EARLY!  $175.00


NEW TIKIS THIS YEAR PICTURED BELOW. Just a few of the many original hand made Tiki necklaces by Tiki King.  He will have bracelets, earrings, cufflinks and more!

Prices vary from $15 - $45 for these amazing pieces.


War Canoe Sculpture. Mixed Media. Hand Made. SOLD!


These hand made carved Tikis will be purses!

Small Hand Carved Plaques. Leopard background. Bamboo framed.



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